Hi, my name is Daniela and I am a licensed tour guide for Sicily. I am a true Sicilian, born and raised in Palermo, with a very excellent local knowledge of my town.

If you want a young guide, a personal guide and a girl in love with her land you can try a tour with me that will be a unique experience. Because I will show you the authentic Sicily through the eyes of a real Sicilian girl who was born and grew up in these places.

I turned my passion into a job because I have a degree in the history of art and I continued my studies with a master’s degree in museum education. I worked as a tour guide in severals cultural associations and museums for schools. These experiences have allowed me to meet the most demanding tourists and curious children who developed in me a passion and curiosity for art, culture and for my town.

After years of experience on this field I am specialized in tours for small and large groups, families or individuals. My tours are flexible and can be tailored according to your needs in order to sastisfy your preferences. If you want to have a more extended tour in Sicily having the change to know deeply our land and culture or if you have less time and you prefer to see the main monuments in Sicily you can choose my tours.

My focus is to develop a friendly, person-to-person relationship. A friend who will receive you as a friend, giving you the privileged access usually reserved for locals. I will choose for you the most picturesque, preserved and unique places, but also the most atypical, alternative and exciting.

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