Palermo sunset

Palermo seen at sunset a unique experience. Unique colors, magical atmospheres “. I will take you to discover the main alleys and monuments of the city. A route indicated especially in [...]

Unesco tour Palermo

The tour will take you to discover the main monuments of the Norman Arab circuit which in 2015 were included in the list of monuments of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.   Palermo Unesco Tour [...]


“Ape tour a unique way to get to know the heart of the historic center”. Palemro has one of the largest historic centers in Europe, we offer you a fun and simple way to get to know [...]

walking tour palermo half day

The proposed tour is a walkingtour to discover the most significant monuments of the city. Visit a city in the late afternoon to discover its history and its monuments. A summer guided tour that [...]

Street Food Tour Palermo.

The ranking of the best “street food” compiled by Virtual Tourist Piazza Palermo in the world top ten in fifth place. Street food tour Palermo is not only a walking tour to discover [...]

The Norman Palace tour

The Royal Palace called Palazzo dei Normanni, seat of the oldest Parliament in Europe, with the splendid Palatine Chapel inside have been part of the Unesco monuments since 2015. The proposed [...]