Zisa Castle in Palermo

The Zisa Castle is one of Palermo’s Arab-Norman masterpieces, a World Heritage Site since 2015. ITINERARY The history of the Zisa begins in a little Norman with King William I. Around the [...]

Vist Monreale

A few kilometers from Palermo, stands the medieval village of Monreale with the beautiful cathedral dedicated to Santa Maria la Nuova, built in the Norman era in 1174, now part of the UNESCO [...]

Palermo in vespa tour

Palermo That’s Amore, will probably be what you think after this incredible tour aboard the legendary Vespa. Accompanied by a driver, you will enter the heart of the city of Palermo, discovering [...]

Bike tour Palermo

“A dynamic and fun way to get to know the city of Palermo: bike tour”. Discover one of the largest historic centers in Europe by bike. A licen the city of Palermo: bike [...]

No Mafia tour Palermo

The NO MAFIA ROUTE, a tour inside the historic center, the stops of which can offer the starting point for a reflection on the history of the mafia phenomenon and the fight against the mafia. [...]

Baroque tour in Pallermo

  The route starts from the 4 Canti center and heart of ancient Palermo, the baroque monument par excellence built in 1600. The visit to the church of San Giuseppe dei Teatini is one of the [...]

Palermo sunset

Palermo seen at sunset a unique experience. Unique colors, magical atmospheres “. I will take you to discover the main alleys and monuments of the city. A route indicated especially in [...]


“Ape tour a unique way to get to know the heart of the historic center”. Palemro has one of the largest historic centers in Europe, we offer you a fun and simple way to get to know [...]