The route starts from the 4 Canti center and heart of ancient Palermo, the baroque monument par excellence built in 1600. The visit to the church of San Giuseppe dei Teatini is one of the largest and richest in the city with its stuccos and decorations. A path of the Baroque in all its facets. During our visit we will discover the Pretoria Fountain called the Fountain of Shame but also the Church of Santa Caterina d’Alessandria and the Baroque part of the Martorana. A short stop to savor a good cannolo at the confectionery of the ex-convent of Sanata Caterina. The tour ends with a visit to the Church of Casa Professa within the Albergheria district up to the Ballarò market.

  • The tour : half day ( 4 h)
  • Places: Quattro Canti, church of San Giuseppe dei Teatini, church of Santa Caterina, Church of Martorana, Church of Casa Professa and Ballarò market. The tour does not include entrance fees to monuments.
  • For information:
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